Spotlight on a Volunteer: Samantha Bohling

  When did you start volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center? I started volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center on September 20, 2017. How did you become familiar with the Center, how did you find out? I became familiar with the Center through two sources: A list of possible internship facilities through the SOU website,

Volunteers: The Heart of the Center

  By Ginny Sagal, Communication & Outreach Coordinator for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County It’s 9am and the Children’s Advocacy Center is open. Clients are coming in for a therapy session, therapy assessment, medical service, or forensic interview. They are greeted by a CAC employee and many times by a volunteer. This is

Take action to change children’s lives

  By Kirsten Arreguin, Program Manger, Jackson County Child Welfare and Board Member, The Children’s Advocacy Center April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Thank you for taking the time to read and get informed about child abuse prevention. Most people would probably avoid reading about the abuse and neglect of children. It’s easier to ignore

Change for Children: Our 3 Agency Collaborative Brainchild

  By Jennifer Mylenek, Executive Director of CASA of Jackson and Josephine Counties The month of April represents Child Abuse Awareness, which helps shine a spotlight on the tragic circumstances of hundreds of thousands of abused and/or neglected children in the U.S.  It is also a month in which I’m honored to be a part

Transformation: Why CAC Matters

  By Leah Howell, Jackson County Training Coordinator, PROTECT OUR CHILDREN Child Abuse Prevention Training My son just started preschool this year.  Two days per week, he gathers with 10 other 3 year-olds and follows a routine of play, circle time, and snack. Right now he and his classmates are learning about the life-cycle of

How are children faring in Oregon?

  By Tammi Pitzen, Executive Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County Today I am sitting in my office listening to the rain and feeling a little sad and a lot overwhelmed.  It’s Sunday and the office is very quiet except for the rain trickling through the rain gutters and the tap of

Protect Our Children: To Act Is To Care (here’s how)

By Tammi Pitzen, Executive Director, The Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County In my office I have posted up on my bulletin board this quote: Now that you know, you cannot feign ignorance. Now that you’re aware of the problem, you cannot pretend you don’t care. To be concerned is to be human, to act

707 Victims of Child Abuse in Jackson County

In preparation for April’s child abuse prevention and awareness activities, I have been looking at a lot of child abuse numbers . . . statistics etc. I do not believe that the numbers ever tell the full story. In Jackson County in 2013, there were 707 child victims of abuse or neglect. These are not