Samantha Bohling

When did you start volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center?

I started volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center on September 20, 2017.

How did you become familiar with the Center, how did you find out?

I became familiar with the Center through two sources: A list of possible internship facilities through the SOU website, as well as a recommendation from DHS.

What do you do at the Center?

I spend my volunteer time at the Center in the Medical and Therapy departments. There, I help with any administration tasks that need done, along with keeping the Center clean, stocked, and friendly for children. I also, when the occasion calls for it, help watch the children while their guardians are in a therapy session. I would say my main task, though, is to job shadow and see the everyday workings of the Center.

Why do you volunteer?

Along with volunteering for my SOU Capstone Project, I volunteer to bring experience and enrichment to my own life, as well as to be a helping hand within the community by creating a safe and friendly environment for abused children when they need it most.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

My favorite part of volunteering, would be general job shadowing and learning the ins-and-outs of the Center, as well as being able to interact with the children we are helping.

What is the passion you have for volunteering at the center?

My passion I have for volunteering at the Center, is to be able to put my education and personal experiences about child abuse and mental health, into action. Being able to help others, not only through this volunteer experience, but also my other work with Crisis Text Line, is where I feel I belong in this world and can be the most useful to my community.

What are your thoughts about the Center, the work we do here and how it relates to you and your volunteering?

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County is an environment where children (and their non-offending guardians) who are already going through what is typically a traumatic experience, can feel safe and comfortable. Having a safe place, I think, is one of the most important things for a child to have. The work the Center does relates to me and my volunteering by showing me what it takes, not just the ins-and-outs of the Center and the legality and procedures, but also through support and compassion, to truly ‘be there’ for the abused children and their families of our community.

There is always room for more volunteers! Please let us know if you have a place in your heart to help children and their families. We can set up a time to for a Center tour and talk about how you might want to help the abused children and their families we serve.

Contact Ginny Sagal at or call her at 541-282-5474 EXT 1013