Tammi and son3

I have mostly been staring at a blank computer screen the last few days trying to feel inspired to write a blog for Mother’s Day. It is a daunting task. I have so many feelings that I cannot adequately express in a blog of 300 words or less.

I started with a “Things I learned from My Mother” line of thought, but geez, that would take way more than 300 words. I mean, there were things like how to cook cornbread so it doesn’t stick to the iron skillet, how to wash your hair and roll it on those huge pink sponge rollers so that you have big curls for church the next day, how to make the perfect banana pudding, and how to have fun with your kids.

I also learned how to lose your keys, how to hide things so well that you cannot find them when you need them, and how to forget to purchase the one thing you actually went to the grocery store for.

Then, of course, there are the skills I wished I had learned, like how to iron perfect creases in a shirt, or how to sew (or really even just how to hem a pair of pants), or how to play the piano.

We become the perfect mix of both the loved and not-so-loved traits of our parents.

I sometimes hear things come out of my mouth and wonder, “When did I become my mother?” I particularly find this happening when my five year old is asking me something I don’t have time to explain to him.

But I also find this happening at bedtime when I tell my son I love him beyond infinity or I try to teach him how to take care of someone else’s feelings. I also find this happening when we talk about how to be a friend or when we talk about giving our toys or clothes away to a place that will make sure they go to children who don’t have toys or clothes.

I understand now that our children really become a mirror of ourselves. Maybe not always in the way we look — but in the way we act.

One of my favorite parenting quotes is: “Children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate.” I think my mom lives her life through this lens. I am trying to live my life through this lens too.

The greatest gift my mom gave me is love and unconditional acceptance. I want to pass that on to all the children in my life — both personal and professional.

I also hope that all the women in my life who are mothers have a wonderful day of pampering and feeling truly appreciated for all that they contribute to the lives of their children.

Happy Mother’s Day!