Darkness to Light

10 ways to keep children safe from abuse this holiday season

  By Betsy Lewis, Social Media Contractor for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County The holidays are here, and families and friends are gathering together to celebrate. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also the time of year when all types of child abuse increase. And it is those we know, these very family members

One Thing You Can Do That Matters

  By Ginny Sagal, Communication & Outreach Coordinator for the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County You can’t read a newspaper or turn on a television without hearing about child sexual abuse. Do not feel helpless. There is one thing you can do that matters in addressing child sexual abuse.  You can take a child
Mary Beattie Protect Our Children Project Coordinator

Join the MOVEMENT to Protect Our Children

  By Mary Beattie, Project Coordinator for The Ford Family Foundation’s Protect Our Children Project For over 15 years I’ve contributed what I could as a volunteer, board member, employee, student, community member, and parent to help address the issue of child abuse in my community. Now, as the contracted project coordinator for The Ford

Protect Our Children: To Act Is To Care (here’s how)

By Tammi Pitzen, Executive Director, The Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County In my office I have posted up on my bulletin board this quote: Now that you know, you cannot feign ignorance. Now that you’re aware of the problem, you cannot pretend you don’t care. To be concerned is to be human, to act

A Strong Man

By Tammi Pitzen, Director of The Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County I will let you in on a secret. I love animated movies. I love Disney. I love Pixar. Long before I had my son, I would watch these movies . . . usually not on the big screen, but in the privacy of

What sound do abused and neglected children make?

By Tammi Pitzen, Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County I want to invite you to listen to the silence in observance of April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. I realize that may seem like an odd request, but it can be life changing. I have worked in the field of child protection for