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Just Wanted to Tell You

Poem by Catherine Zern, LCSW

Your eyes were far away tonight
And you didn’t have time to tell me a story
Or listen to my fears of the dark
So I screamed and cried til you spanked me
But I was just trying’ to tell you that the
House was on fire

You looked grumpy this morning
Maybe cause you were gone so late last night
And I didn’t know where you were
And I couldn’t sleep until I heard you stumble in
When you slept late
I hit my brother
But I was just tryin’ to tell you that the
House was on fire

You brought home that new person
Who was really nice to me at first
And they took me fishin’
And watched my games a couple of times
But now you guys are gone a lot
And you scream at each other when you get home
(I can hear from my room even though you don’t think I can)
And I sneak out my window
But I’m just tryin’ to tell you that the
House is on fire

Today I tried to tell you that
I’m really lost in math
And my boyfriend broke up with me
And another kid called me fat
And you were busy with all your friends
And you told me not to worry about it
So I met this cute guy downtown
Cause I had to tell somebody that the
House is on fire

That’s ok
I’ve learned that it’s no big deal
And not to wear my heart on my sleeve
And not to worry about it
And how tough you’ve had it

Gotta go – party tonight
The house has done burned down

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