Spotlight on a Volunteer: Hannah Fisher-Tachouet

  When did you start volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center? I started volunteering at the Children’s Advocacy Center in July of 2017. How did you become familiar with the Center? How did you find out? I found out about the Center initially online when I was searching for organizations that I wanted to volunteer

Parenting Teens: A Mom’s Story

  By Ginny Sagal, Communication and Outreach Coordinator at the Children’s Advocacy Center Since starting my job as Communication and Outreach Coordinator at CAC, I have had some thoughts about my parenting.  Being an older mom with twins has been a wonderful journey.  When they were little I would be very careful where they went

The deafening silence surrounding abused children

I am the newly hired Executive Director at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County.  I have spent the last twenty three years working to protect children from abuse.  One can imagine the stories that I have heard in what I refer to as “the small little room”.  The small little room is a special

Why it Matters

This is a post by Randy Ellison, author of the book — Boys Don’t Tell: Ending the Silence of Abuse. Randy is also Board President of  Oregon Abuse Advocates & Survivors in Service (OAASIS) Why does what happened to me matter? Why does telling my story matter? Why does your story matter? What difference does

On the Cusp of Change

This is a guest post by Jennifer Wolfe, a writer, middle school teacher and mother of two teens. Here she reflects upon the challenges of growth and metamorphosis for both children and their parents. “Her life now hovered on the cusp of change…at this precise intersection in time, contemplating both distant memories and the uncertainty of the future,