By Betsy Lewis, Social Media Manager for The Children’s Advocacy Center

It’s the end of an era for me. A person I have worked with closely on social media for the Children’s Advocacy Center is leaving my work life!

Michelle Wilson, Development Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center, is starting a new job this week.

Ironically, Michelle and I have probably only spent a handful of hours in person and face to face during the time we have worked together — yet we have communicated on an almost daily basis during our work week — for SIX YEARS.

“Talking” mainly by email, we maneuvered through cyberspace together, learning how to best get the word out online about the critical work of the Children’s Advocacy Center.

Michelle is a master at multi-tasking, and she can probably accomplish more in five minutes than I can do in an hour! Through her work at the CAC, she has been A FORCE in the lives of kids in our community.

Michelle is also an English teacher.

This means she knows the rules and follows them. In six years I have rarely seen her make even a typo.

Together, I think we were an efficient team, and managed to create some pretty cool things – like fundraising campaigns, blogs, social sites, enewsletters and new ways to bring awareness to child abuse.

Michelle is also an accomplished writer and a mother with a heart of gold. She was one of the kind people who saw some glimmer of potential in me and hired me those six years ago. That vote of confidence catapulted me into a career and a cause that has become less a job and more like, well — my life. For that, I am deeply grateful.

Though she will be missed, the good news is that Michelle is going on to a fabulously interesting new job which she deserves and which I have no doubt will bring her continued success, satisfaction and happiness.

Bravely done Michelle!