The Interview – Making it Safe to Talk

Usually when you first come to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County, you will have already met either a Law Enforcement Office (LE) or a Department of Human Services (DHS) caseworker. Your child must do this interview without a parent/guardian; our interviewers are Special Kid Helpers (trained to speak with children regarding concerns of abuse or neglect) and are very kind and gentle. These interviews are designed to maximize the information gained, while minimizing contamination of the information and minimizing the trauma that is sometimes associated with the investigative process.

After your child’s interview, LE or DHS will usually meet with your child. They will meet with you review and explain what to expect from the investigation. During your child’s interview, the Center’s staff will:

All interviews are digitally recorded to preserve the integrity of the information gathered during the interview. These recordings are not released without a protective order issued from the court. These recordings cannot take the place of testimony in court if that is required.

Grand Jury – Located at the Children’s Advocacy Center

Things you need to know about Grand Jury: