The shocking facts about child pornography

  When most people think about child sexual abuse, they think of those children in which an adult has touched a child in an inappropriate way. But there are also non-touching forms of sexual abuse. In the age of fast moving technology, there are new victims who can be vulnerable to re-victimization over and over

What sound do abused and neglected children make?

By Tammi Pitzen, Director of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County I want to invite you to listen to the silence in observance of April’s Child Abuse Prevention Month. I realize that may seem like an odd request, but it can be life changing. I have worked in the field of child protection for

How Big is Your Brave?

“I wonder what would happen if you say what you want to say and let the words fall out honestly. I wanna see you be brave.”  Sara Bareilles This is from my new favorite song, by my one of my very favorite musical artists. “Brave” is a song about speaking up against those who push

The deafening silence surrounding abused children

I am the newly hired Executive Director at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County.  I have spent the last twenty three years working to protect children from abuse.  One can imagine the stories that I have heard in what I refer to as “the small little room”.  The small little room is a special

On the Cusp of Change

This is a guest post by Jennifer Wolfe, a writer, middle school teacher and mother of two teens. Here she reflects upon the challenges of growth and metamorphosis for both children and their parents. “Her life now hovered on the cusp of change…at this precise intersection in time, contemplating both distant memories and the uncertainty of the future,

My dream for all girls

This is a guest post by Ginger Gough, a teacher and writer living in Medford, Oregon. It wasn’t so much the climb up the ancient oak, as the upright walk across its thick parallel branch that gave me the jitters. I wasn’t, however, about to show it. The boys on the ground looked puny, and